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MY SAFARI - Ranger Edition


"If you are going on Safari or if you just enjoy wildlife or eco-travel- download this, it's fantastic and it's free."This is the lite version for those on-the-go or with slow connections. For in-depth species information, off-line maps, bird and reptile field-guides download our much larger but still free MY SAFARI - Ranger Edition.Discover places, tours and adventures, learn the wildlife and pin your memories.
The Ranger Edition comes with an in-depth field guide with spoor tracking, behavioral guides and multiple photos, there is a full bird check list covering all the birds listed in the Kruger Area and accounts of commonly encountered reptiles.What sets MY SAFARI apart from other travel apps is that this is YOUR app. You can swap out the field guide photos for your own - pin your memories and your sightings on the map and by the end of the trip the app has become a journal and keepsake of your memories.
"Well built and well designed, excellent advice- and free. Great App." *****